Change of date WCTE 2020 and WCTE 2022: Given the Covid-19 context, and considering the difficulty of traveling in this scenario, after a profound analysis on diverse variables, the Secretary has decided to reprogram the date of the 2020 and 2022 conferences. WCTE 2020 is postponed to August 9th, 2021. In accordance with this modification, the conference will be called from now on WCTE 2021. WCTE 2022 is postponed to June 19th too 22th 2023. In accordance with this modification, the conference will be called from now on WCTE 2023.

How can I become a sponsor of the WCTE 2023 in Oslo 

We invite you to be part of this inspiring world conference and take the opportunity to contribute to the huge regional industrial potential. For more information contact us by email secretariat@wcte2023.org

When will the WCTE be? 

The WCTE 2021 will be held between August 9th and 12th, 2021. The WCTE 2020 will be held between June 19th and 22th 2023.

What will happen with the next WCTE?

Given the need to adjust to the current circumstances, and to maintain the standards of this event, the WCTE will still be held every two years, changing the even-numbered years to odd-numbered years. In this sense, the WCTE 2022 Oslo, Norway, will now be WCTE 2023, and the next one, the WCTE 2025.

Is it possible that the conference may be postponed again? 

No, this is the definite date for the conference. If the conditions to hold the conference physically are not met by 2021, then a hybrid or 100% online format will be chosen. This will be communicated no later than April 2021.

WCTE 2021 Chile: What happens if my abstract has already been accepted? 

All accepted abstracts will maintain the corresponding status. If for some reason, the current circumstances do not allow you to participate in the conference, please write to wcte2020@wcte2020.com so we can help you solve any problem.

WCTE 2021 Chile: Considering the new date, will there be an extension of the full paper submission deadline ? 

Indeed. There will be an extension of the full paper submission deadline, from September 30th 2020, to December 31 2020.

WCTE 2021 Chile: I have already sent my full paper. Can I modify it or update it?

Since many of you have encountered problems accessing the laboratories, we understand that a deadline extension will be helpful for the papers that need these experimental data. Therefore, if you are facing these difficulties, please write to us to wcte2020@wct2020.com, so we can evaluate these modifications, according to the results provided by the Scientific Committee.

WCTE 2021 Chile: What happens if I need to withdrawal my paper from the conference?

In the case of withdrawing an article from the conference, you have to notify the Secretary via email wcte2020@wcte2020.com.

WCTE 2021 Chile: In the event that the conference cannot be held, because of the COVID-19 situation, what will happen with my paid registration?

Given the international context is still delicate, and there is still uncertainty about the development of COVID-19 around the world, during the following months, the WCTE 2021 will consider the possibility to change its format in order to adjust to the circumstances, in case it comes to this. This is why the conference will NOT be cancelled.

WCTE 2021 Chile: Will there be another acceptance process for new abstracts?

Since the new date implies a whole new year for the conference, we have decided to open another acceptance process for new abstracts, which will be detailed in mid-October 2020.

WCTE 2021 Chile: Will there be a modification in the conference fees?

The conference fees will be maintained, as stated in our website. In the event of a change to an online format that implies a variation in prices, it will be informed in due time, as well as how to proceed with the corresponding adjustments.

WCTE 2021 Chile: Will there be an online format?

Despite having a face-to-face format, the Secretary is aware about the importance of online events during these challenging times. This is why we are currently evaluating the best alternative to have an online format, regardless of the world circumstances.

WCTE 2021 Chile: Can I present my paper online?

At the moment, and projecting optimistically the development of COVID-19, presentations will be face-to-face exclusively. However, if some part of the conference, or the conference completely, is held remotely, this requirement will be evaluated again.